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Since 2004 our personal trainers have been achieving transformation through a blend of know-how, experience, integrity and dedication.

Personal Trainer
Diego Moura
Diego Moura
Personal Trainer

About Our Fitness

Our facility, at Level 1/ 17 Tedder Ave, Main Beach in Queensland, boasts state of the art specialist equipment and touches like a large outdoor balcony, making it the perfect place to relax and have fun at the same time as improving your health and well being.

Whether you want to train alone, with a partner or with friends and colleagues, come along and find out just what Fitness World could do for you.

About Us
With a strategic plan developed in line with our mission, and anyalysing the strategic environment in which we operate, this ensures that we remain focused on meeting the needs of you, our valuable client, whilst continuing to grow in a sustainable and responsible way.
Our Mission
Our mission is to provide the knowledge and the tools for a healthy and balanced lifestyle attainable by means of a custom-designed exercise program, is also to positively motivate our clients so they achieve their own personal goals. Instilling confidence in the fact that the goals they have set forth will lead them in an active, healthy lifestyle.
Our Vision
Our  vision  is  to  improve  people  quality  of  life  with  excellence  in  care  through  a  physical  exercise  experience  filled  with  metal  and  breathing  exercise  connecting  body  and  mind.
Why Choose Us
Fitness World are the healthy lifestyle  specialists  providing support,  tailored  training,  a  healthy  eating  plan,  and  evidence-based  practice  across  the  continuum  of  cardiovascular  care. 
  • We are the best company
  • We have a lot of features
  • We have best trainers
  • We have modern equipment
Fitness History
Our  vision  is  to  improve  people  quality  of  life  with  excellence  in  care  through  a  physical  exercise  experience  filled  with  metal  and  breathing  exercise  connecting  body  and  mind.
Additional Info

  • Specific training for the elderly, pregnancy, teenagers and sports people
  • Permanent weight loss training
  • Boxing for Fitness
  • Strength Training
  • Nutrition

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Clients Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it, see what our clients are saying!

I have started training to get fitter, live longer and have a better quality of life. I felt unhealthy and not happy with my appearance. I can continue to live my life but in a more healthy way. Friends have commented on my appearance and enquired as to what I have done and I have recommended my personal trainer to them. From strength training I got the ability to perform functions in my life without worrying about injuries. I lost weight, I lost centimetres of my waistline and I have increased muscles mass on chest, arms and shoulders. I am feeling fitter, healthier and I am enjoying my life more because of my increased fitness level. I would not hesitate to recommend Lucia to my friends and associates because of the obvious results which I have achieved because of her personal training.
John DuensingAge 63, Emerald Lakes
I liked the location and times, that’s why I started training with Fitness World. I really enjoy the training, it is lots of fun and the trainers really pay close attention to my form and progress. I have noticed a big increase in my fitness level. I have been encouraged to eat better and I am starting to notice my body changing and looking better.  YES! it is great to have the gym to yourself with the trainer and you will definitely see results!
Lucy Delandre31, Southport
I have started training with the trainers in Fitness World to get nice and fit and good tones muscles. The trainers are very attentive and focused on executing the program with precision. Also, they always consult and check if we are ok with each exercise and the weight allowance. I have improved strength and muscle definition. I highly recommend Fitness World, great team and service, very good targeted training.
Bianca GordonAge, 37 Mermaid Beach
After a holiday overseas and the influence of a good friend I have decided it was time to exercise again after 10 years and before it was too late. I have enjoyed the encouragement and their attention to my pre-existing injuries. My results have been great, gaining strength and also have lost 5 cm from my waist in just 4 short weeks! No more “pot belly”! I would certainly recommend any friends.
Michael WilliamsAge 31, Southport
The main reason I have started training in Fitness World was that I had no muscle tone and fitness and that they are walking distance from my home in Main Beach. I am being pushed to do what I can and that motivates me and the trainers are very pleasant to train with. I feel so much better, I am really enjoying the training. I recommend them to anyone, sign up, they know what they are doing.
Karen Mclennan,Age 58, Main Beach

Client Testimonials

More feedback from our amazing clients!

I came to Fitness World to get fit for surfing, I love the specific surf training program, I have noticed improvement in my core and legs strength, so I am very happy with the services.
Finlay Walker
Finlay WalkerAge 47, Main Beach
The reason why I decided to start training with Fitness World is because I wanted to become more physically fit and to look and feel great!! The knowledge of the trainers and overall encouragement from them was the best, it really helped me accomplish my goals. I have lost 10kg, I’m becoming much stronger and can endure all physical actives. There is no possible way you can improve your services, your services are great. I would advise anyone to join Fitness World if they want to be fit, happy and enjoy life to the fullest.
Keelan HoodAge 37, Main Beach
I wanted to get extra fitness and strength for rowing. I like to be pushed to my absolute maximum which both trainers do extremely well. Also I like the support I am getting from both. I have become more cardio fit and also a lot stronger. I have also learned to eat healthier and have the right diet for maximum result. I would recommend to anyone to join right away, its amazing.
Bailey LundAge 35, Main Beach
I got a personal trainer to lose weight and to tone my stomach. I like the relaxed environment and personal attention that you don’t get in large gyms full of people. I have improved fitness overall, I have a flatter stomach, and I am starting to gain some muscle. I give Fitness World 10 out of 10 🙂
Nathan KelleyAge 37 Broadbeach
I came to Fitness World to lose weight and get fitter. I like how you push us even though we struggle, I like the no-nonsense approach but doing it nicely as well. I am feeling stronger already. I really think you are great at support by staying in contact- the best I have ever had. You provide the best personalized service!
Kerry TapperAge 58, Paradise Waters