Your body will give you these signs and signals if your kidneys are in danger

Your body will give you these signs and signals if your kidneys are in danger


The kidneys are one of the main organs of the body that handle the removal of waste and toxins from the body. If the kidneys start to malfunction, it can prove fatal. The worrying thing is that it happens slowly and so quietly that by the time you would come to know, it might be too late. Kidney diseases creep up on us very slowly and you must learn to identify the signs our body gives us in case of any kidney malfunction.


Change in urination

If your kidneys are not performing their functions correctly, the first thing that changes is how you urinate. Since kidneys are the organs that take out the trash and toxins out of the body via the urine, if they start to fail, urination will be the first thing that gets affected along with pain. You can experience pain in urinating, find yourself using more pressure in order to pass urine, urine color changes to dark and it becomes less frequent.


Rashes on parts or whole skin

When the kidneys start doing their job badly, the toxins and the waste from the body doesn’t get properly thrown out. Mainly urination is the way how the kidneys filter the stuff, to throw out and if that doesn’t happen then the waste just simply starts to accumulate in the body itself. One sign of this is that the skin starts getting lots of rashes which are extremely itchy. The blood is not filtered properly and this makes the skin dry and itchy. You can use lotions and creams to ease the pain a bit, but since the problem is inside you, nothing will help you permanently.


Fatigue and shortness of breath

The kidneys produce a hormone, erythropoietin, which is important for the production of red blood cells, which carry oxygen to different parts of the body. If this hormone is not produced in needed quantity, you can suffer from anemia and it also results in fatigue and shortness of breath as the production of red blood cells are affected and the body craves for more oxygen. This change happens all of a sudden as the capacity of blood to deliver oxygen to the body is reduced drastically and you feel extreme fatigue.


Trouble in concentration

If the kidneys do not work properly, the hormone erythropoietin is not produced in the required quantities and not enough red blood cells are produced in the body. This leads to blood not having much oxygen to deliver to each organ of the body. The majority of the oxygen we inhale is used up by the brain and when the brain doesn’t get the required amount of oxygen, it results in dizziness and you experience troubles in concentrating on anything. Bad blood flow to the brain is also a sign of anemia, which in itself is a serious condition. If the problem persists for a long time, it can cause serious memory problems.


Taste of metal in mouth

One of the most distinguishable signs that our body gives us when our kidneys are failing is that we start to taste metal or have a persistent metallic taste in our mouth. The condition is called Dysgeusia. Some people also have the stench of ammonia in their breath, if their kidneys are not working properly. This happens because the ammonia is usually filtered out by the kidneys via the urine, but as they are not doing their job properly, the body compensates, by balancing the ammonia in the saliva for removal and hence the stench of ammonia in breath.


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