Why It Is So Important To Have A Strong Butt!


Why It Is So Important To Have A Strong Butt!



Nearly every person needs to strengthen their glutes, (also known as your butt). Almost every lower limb injury and lower back problem will be related in one way or another to weak glutes! If you have ever had a crippling injury that can affect everyday living and even force people to a walking stick, you will know exactly what I am talking about. This is a classic sign of a weak dysfunctional glute, dominating hips and poor movement and stability of the pelvis. The piriformis muscle sits so close to the sciatic nerve that if it becomes an overworking muscle due to the weakness in the large gluteal muscles it starts to compress on the sciatic nerve itself! This then results in ………….. PAIN!


Does that mean we need to spend heaps of time isolating our glutes with all types of strange isolated exercises?

No, but unfortunately this is what happens in most gyms and to some extent in the rehab world, because people are stuck in a mindset of looking at muscles as opposed to how we actually move. Even though at times we might train individual muscles in the gym, in reality, for any kind of daily life movement it is the way the muscles work together, rather than in isolation, that makes the difference. And if there are broken or weak links, as a result of unbalanced training, injury or poor technique, the rest of the muscles will be affected and will work poorly.

And the most common area we find people are weak, besides the abdominal muscles and inner unit stabilzers, is the Glutes, Hamstrings and Back Extensors.


If You Have A Knee Problem Or Low Back Problem You Also Have A Gluteal Dysfunction


That sounds a bit generalized but in my years of working as a Trainer specializing in rehabilitation and working with hundreds of different injuries, I have found in 98% of cases this to be true! The reason is due to posture, the way the muscles are designed and the fact that most people do not understand how to train correctly to prevent this.  In the case of back pain, your weak glutes force you to use your hamstrings and lower back to pick things up off the ground. In the gym we call this the Deadlift. In the real world this is just called “picking something up”. Now how many times would you do that in a day. A lot!! Now you can see how easy it is to develop back pain, and if it is left alone long enough it will develop into a disc bulge!


As for lower leg injuries like knee pain, ankle pain, plantar fasciitis, achilles pain, hip and groin pain. All of these are linked to weak glutes! Why?

Because when the glutes fail to place the hip and leg in a neutral alingment, the thigh bone (femur) rolls in and starts to cause a multitude of muscular imbalances. Again if left untreated over time they develop into chronic problems.


The most important thing to understand is that in order to Strengthen Your Glutes correctly you need a good plan of evolving from good movement patterns in isolated movements to the more complex movements standing up.

If you spend the time to do it right it will pay off and you will improve performance, prevent unwanted injury and be able to do almost any movement in daily life without any trouble.

Plus you will have nice “tight buns.” Now who doesn’t want that!




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