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The most effective program to achieve your desired weight loss

About our packages

If you’re looking for the most effective program to achieve your desired weight loss in Solihull you’ve come to the right place. Our proven track record and range of programs have enabled us to help people just like you- check out our success stories to see for yourself!

It is a fact that most weight loss programs fail- in fact 66% of people following a weight loss program end up on a rollercoaster of yo-yo dieting, often heavier and fatter than when they started.

With our programs we can help

How we can help
  • Reduce your waistline significantly in the 1st 2-weeks to get you kick-started!
  • Discover a nutrition plan that fits in with your lifestyle, goals and genetics so you consistently lose bodyfat without needing to follow an extreme diet.
  • Significantly increase your metabolism so you lose weight easier and keep the weight off successfully.
  • Identify and overcome the barriers that are preventing you from losing weight suucesfully
  • Discover a program of eating and exercising that is tailored to you and works for you!
  • Learn the most effective exercise techniques for weight loss so you can achieve your results without having to spend hours in the gym!

A proven system that works

  • A unique nutrition plan tailored to you rather than a One-Size-Fits-All approach!
  • Focus on eliminating the hunger and cravings that send you off course!
  • Balance the hormones that cause you to gain or hold onto excess fat!
  • Switch off the genes that make it hard for you to lose fat!
  • Teach you everything you need to know about how to exercise to get and stay in great shape!
  • Help you make exercise an enjoyable part of your lifestyle rather than a chore!
  • Support you every step of the way, either in a 1-1 setting or by connecting you with other members who are in the same boat who love to support each other along the way!

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Every component you need to achieve your desired weight loss.


By combining our experience in personal training, physiotherapy, strength and conditioning and nutrition (to aid recovery) we cover every element required to help you return stronger than before. In Solihull we provide ever component. These include;

  • A thorough assessment of your bodyfat, muscle and water levels using advanced ultrasound technology so you know how effective your program is!
  • Complete guidance on exactly what exercise is right for you- and programs for you to work to either with or without our supervision.
  • Supervised workouts either in a 1-1, small group or bootcamp setting if required.


  • Regular re-assessment

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The Benefits

  • No risk – results or your money back
  • Lasting results – everything you need to stay in shape forever
  • Exercise & nutrition plans that are achievable and realistic
  • All the support and motivation you need