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Planks can be a bit boring and tiring standing in the same position for tens of seconds and minutes so mix it up with these variations, We are helping to protect your core from getting weaker by showing you these effective plank positions, threading the needle is a great way to increase your core power and strength. Combine a one arm side plank and a one arm plank and what do you get? You get to thread the needle which is a great way to target the side obliques the abs the entire core all at once

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In this video we are showing you exercise to help correct posture, working on the shoulders to open up the chest to prevent a slouching posture and strengthening the external rotator cuff.

How to prevent knee injury and recover from knee pain with exercises that will strengthen the knee. Preventing knee pain through preventative exercise programs that will help you later on in life, Recovering from knee pain is weekly exercise program that focus on strength training to prevent any further damage to the knee joint, Strengthening the knee will improve balance in all aspects of life and is not just for sports men and woman.

How doing a proper chin up will prevent injury and increase your fitness level Chin ups are the hardest exercise to master but the easy to do incorrectly, 20 chin ups vs 2 proper chin ups: the correct form of a chin up is better to have than being able to do many improper chin ups, How chin ups increase your range of motion and improves your flexibility in your upper body

Plyo exercises to challenge you push you! Plyometric exercises that you have to try, when it comes to plyo exercises there are some unthinkable exercises that will get the heart pump and burning those muscles before you can count to 10, challenge yourself to a ploy workout today great for increasing your calorie burn and strengthening slow and fast twitch muscle fibres

What ab exercises will not strain my neck and back? The Mountain climbing ab exercise is great way to protect the neck and still work your entire core, neck and back exercises are way to protect the body from pain in the neck and back, straining your neck while doing crunches will injury your back and will prevent you from working the core, V-Hold ab exercise can be done by holding onto a rail which will help prevent pain and pressure in the lower in the back.

Struggling with your squats and lunges flexibility, why is that? Flexibility is a major issue of people not being able to do proper squats or lunges, If you increase your leg strength you should increase your flexibility of your hips so try these to exercises straight after each other, A Barbell lunge with a twist is a great way to increase stability and control which will help you in any sport.

You need to be doing these important stretches to prevent back injury Stretching out our muscles after a workout is extremely import in maintaining a health lifestyle and these 2 stretches will really go a long way to improving your flexibility and recovery time, 2 of the most important stretches involve back stretches and help to release tension in the lower back, exercises that you need to do to help improve flexibility and maintain and injury free body

What exercise can you do to help get better at push-ups without doing a push-up? Doing a push up can be very strenuous and tiresome on the body doing these exercise can help you get better at doing a regular push, The fear of falling flat on our faces is often the reason why we struggle to complete a full push up and here we show you a few other exercise you could be doing to get over that fear and build strength to be able to do a full push up.

Talk on increase the size of the weights you should be lifting and the safe method of integrating weight into your program Talking about weights to help you go up or lift heavier weights, how often should you be trying to lift heavier weights?, what are the best weights to use to be able to lift heavier weights, Big jumps in weights could help you to lift heavier on your next training session provided that your form is ok and that you are not straining the wrong muscle.

What can you do to increase your calf muscles and increase their side and tone? Exercises that will help to enhance the look of your calf muscles will always be changing to work the various muscles of the calf, doing supersets on the calf muscles till they are fatigued are a great way of getting bigger muscles, strengthening the calf muscles for better flexibility and stronger ankle joints are a must for athletes that what to pro long their career.

Isolation exercise to help strengthen hamstrings which will help strengthen your back to decrease back pain. Back pain reduced through strengthening the hamstrings and isolating the muscle, which exercises will help to prevent back pain and help with posture can only be found through using the right muscles, Hamstring curls are a great way to strengthen the back of the legs and are a must if you are looking to squat a heavy weight so that you don’t use the wrong muscles.

Do you suffer from a stiff neck or shoulders? These exercises will help with mobility Mobility exercises for your shoulders and how to stretch and strengthen the muscles. Things you can use around your house to help increase your shoulder mobility, how to increase arm mobility by using a towel, neck injuries are often caused by a tightness in the shoulders and muscles being used incorrectly so try these exercises to help increase mobility.

Do these strength and condition exercise to help improve your fitness level. Boxing movements that will increase your fitness level to new heights, fitness routine that will burn calories way after your work out finishes, strengthen and condition through boxing is not just a great cardio workout its a great muscle and endurance exercise, get great speed through learning the right techniques to box

Learning the 1 arm row and training opposite muscle groups What exercise train opposite muscle groups, training opposite muscle groups includes exercises like the 1 arm seated cable row and chest press, the push and pull technique of training opposite muscle groups is where you focus on using muscle groups on opposite side of the body so if you train chest then your next exercise should be training your back.

How effect are resistance bands? When using resistance bands focus on slow and concise movements, working the same muscle in both directions can improve your strength, resistance bands are a great rehabilitation programs to strengthen smaller and weaker muscle groups, here is the best way to improve core strength.


Exercises to help improve shoulder strength and improve flexibility Rehabilitation for the rotator cuff is often better with resistance bands working the muscle in both directions, find a way to work the rotator cuff muscle without lifting heavy weights people will often turn to resistance bands to strengthen the shoulder, shoulder exercises to improve your rotator cuff using resistance based movements and not weights.

Rotator cuff based exercises which improve flexibility and strength around the shoulders While working and lifting weights to improve strength can be a viable option often the rotator cuff muscle are forgotten, using these techniques with resistance bands can often improve your shoulders strength while increase your flexibility and range of motion, rotator cuff exercises to improve your ability to live heavy weights.

Reduce your chest pain by working out your back. If you have a chest or shoulder injury often it has come from over use of your pectoral muscles and by working out the back muscles it can strengthen the weaker or injuries muscles, reducing the work load on the chest and increasing the workload on the back will help to reduce chest pain or shoulder injuries, working your back muscles will give you better posture and reduce any chest pain

A series of resistance band exercises design to rehabilitate any shoulder injury Injury recovery can be tiresome and lengthy in itself so use these exercise before jumping straight on the weights, resistance bands work the muscles in 2 different directions to help increase muscle tone and strengthening to help rehab on injuries, design a rehab program with this simple resistance band based exercises and see how this series of videos will help you

How to active fast and slow twitch muscle fibres to make working out more efficient. Learn how to improve muscle strength faster by using both muscle fibres, increase your bodies ability to grow muscle fibres by using fast and slow twitch muscle exercises, muscle fibres can help you to become stronger faster and more powerful if you know which ones to workout, how can a personal trainer help you to get better with a variety of exercise that will train both your fast twitch muscle fibres and slow twitch muscle fibres

Reducing back pain with these core exercises Exercise can reduce back pain with a simple core workout, core exercise will reduce back pain strengthening the muscles around the spine, To strengthen the back muscles you need to work on all core muscles from the front of the body like the stomach to the back of the body like muscles around the spine, use these little tricks to help reduce back pain and strengthen your back

Perfect Solution

 If you want to have fun, lose weight and get fit, then kickboxing with a personal trainer could be the perfect solution, particularly if:

  • You dislike doing cardio exercises or running
  • You actually can’t run
  • You have injuries which place limits upon the kind of exercise you can do
  • You feel lacking in confidence and self-esteem, perhaps leading to you feeling bullied or undervalued
  • You work in a stressful profession
  • You suffer from depression
  • You have an excess of energy and don’t know how to burn it off
  • If any of that sounds familiar, then pay us a visit at Fitness World and find out if kickboxing ticks your boxes.