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Transformation Tip: Fasted cardio blunts fat loss… Especially in women!


Q:  If I am trying to burn fat should I do my cardio on an empty stomach?

A:  Many health conscious individuals perform cardio in a fasted state, such as first thing in the morning in an attempt to burn more fat. A recent study showed this may not be the case – particularly in women


A recent study has confirmed that exercising in a fasted state blunted fat oxidation.

What was particularly interesting is that this blunted fat oxidation was even greater in women than in men!

That’s right ladies, if you are looking to increase the fat burning effects of your Intense Cardio Exercise training you will definitely want to eat before you exercise!

When it comes to deciding what to eat, protein is still king. Studies show that similar to resistance training, consuming protein before cardio exercise can give you the best calorie AND fat burning effect.

However, from the research, it appears as though not all protein is created equal. A substantial amount of work suggests that the best results are seen in individuals who consume whey protein (20-30gms) prior to their exercise training.

This research supports the notion that nutrition timing can be important to maximize body composition results. In fact a number of leading scientists and experts believe Nutrient Timing could be the next frontier in fat loss.


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