Technique Is Everything!

Technique Is Everything!

One thing we pride ourselves on as trainers at Fitness World is our understanding of perfect technique and exercise selection. Many personal trainers believe you just have to “feel the burn” or “no pain = no gain” but we know that better results are achieved better quality workouts. Proper form, posture and exercise technique is critical for achieving great results in any sport and even more so in the gym. Combined with the correct training tools for the job (such as Free weights, cable machines, Swiss balls, balance boards etc) are necessary to improve your body for movement in life.
Which brings me back to the importance of training technique.
We refer to this as the Form Principle which takes into consideration that the nervous system always remembers the last traumatic incident it’s been through. So don’t put it through an improper traumatic incident. Your last set of an exercise should always be perfect.
However, most people in the gym today follow body builder programs and take exercises to a failing point or complete exhaustion. If your technique is 100% perfectly sound then this is fine to do and you will reap enormous rewards.
If however you have poor technique, poor posture, some muscle length tension problems or carrying an injury this type of training will set you up for more pain and permanent dysfunction!

The purpose of conditioning and going into a gym is to teach your body how to become smarter and rise to a new level of movement incorporating various abilities such as strength, balance, co-ordination and agility. A bit like an upgrade on your computer. You are in a controlled environment so that under the guidance of a coach you can master all of the different types of exercises that are necessary for you, individually, first and then necessary for hobbies, sports second.

Your ultimate goal should be to master every form of movement enough times that it becomes automatic!

Once you learn to squat properly in a gym you don’t worry about your technique when you’re playing a sport, moving something at work or even just lifting something in the garden. If you’ve done it right in the gym, it’s already built into the system.
This is what is referred to as a Motor Engram. The more frequently you perform an action the quicker you react to the command. This is because patterns of movement that are performed frequently are stored at the spinal cord level, and not the brain.
And it only takes about 300-500 to learn an engram the first time, but over 5000 perfect reps to change a faulty one!
This is why it is so important for a new gym goer or someone recovering from injury to learn ONLY GOOD MOVEMENTS. This way it will teach the body the perfect automatic movement it needs to prevent further injury.


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