Sneak Exercise Into Your Day

Sneak Exercise Into Your Day



It helps your blood flow through your body, increases your range of motion, and may help prevent an injury. And you can do it anywhere, even at your desk during the workday. But keep it gentle. Don’t push to the point of serious pain, and never “bounce” into a stretch.

1km Rule

If you live close to town, think of all the places you drive within a mile of your home. In the time it takes to load up the car, drive, find — and possibly pay for — parking, you could probably have walked there. In heavy traffic, a walk even might get you there faster.

Tense Your Muscles

No time for the gym? No problem. You can do this almost anywhere and in very little time. A typical example: Tighten your stomach muscles for 3 to 10 seconds. Repeat 4 times. Your co-workers won’t even know you’re working out. These exercises may lower your blood pressure as well.

Walking Meetings

Need 30 minutes to catch up with a co-worker? Do it on foot and kill two birds with one stone. Not only will you get some exercise, but you may also do your job better.

Park Farther Away

Whether you’re at the grocery store, the office, or the post office, park at the back of the lot. You’re less likely to get in a fender bender, and you’ll get closer to your exercise quota for the week.

Use Public Transportation

In one city, the average commuter added about 15 minutes of physical activity per day — mostly walking to and from buses and trains — when they took public transportation. That’s 105 minutes of the recommended 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity recommended per week. Plus, you’ll save on gas.

Take the Long Way Home

It’s trash day — you’re going to have to put your coat and shoes on anyway. Why not take a stroll around the block while you’re at it? If the weather’s fine and you’ve got the time, give it a shot whenever you have to be out on foot

Bike to Work

Local message boards or a bike commuter group can help you find the safest route. There’s lots of help out there. Many companies even have somewhere for you to clean up after your ride.

Power Chores

As the person you live with will tell you, you have any number of chances to be active around the house and yard. Scrub the tub a little harder than usual. It can get your heart rate up. Does the car need a detail? Do it yourself: You’ll save some money and get a workout at the same time.


Need to send a message to a co-worker across the office? Don’t email it, walk it over. It’s a chance to bond with colleagues, and it gets you out of your seat and on your feet for a bit. Do that a few times a day and you’ll be surprised how many steps you can get in.

Stay off the Couch

Don’t settle in with a bowl of ice cream to watch TV. Put the remote across the room so you have to get up to change the channel. Ride an exercise bike or run in place while you watch, do pushups during commercial breaks, or just tidy up around the living room. You’ll burn calories and be more likely to stay out of the fridge.


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