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Own the gym in our personal and private training sessions. Take advantage of our expertise and years of fitness experience. Obtain visible results and become more proactive about your health and wellbeing.

Semi- Private

Our selection of semiprivate training programs with maximum 3 clients are carefully sculpted keeping in mind the individuals in the group, based on your age, strength and weaknesses to come up with an ideal workout. Your personal trainer will guide the members of your small group to make sure they perform the exercises in the correct manner, thus guaranteeing maximum effectiveness whilst also using their maturity and experience to stop you pushing yourself too hard and causing injury.

Individualised Personal Training program

Our clients can expect us to provide them with a challenging program tailored to their individual needs, with focus on both, their immediate and long-term goals. We will educate our clients on all aspects of health, lifestyle and wellbeing.

Specialised equipment and hands on one on one supervision will come together to make you leaner, slimmer and stronger, to improve your flexibility and balance, to rehabilitate any existing injuries and generally leave you looking and feeling like you’re on top of the world


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Take advantage of our expertise and years of fitness experience Trainers. Since 2004 our personal trainers have been achieving transformation through a blend of know-how, experience, integrity and dedication.

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