How to mentally prepare for summer

How to mentally prepare for summer


  1. CHILL OUT: Meditate and rewire your brain for happiness. Sit or lie straight with eyes relaxed. Focus on your breath starting with three deep breaths. Let thoughts come and go. Try it for minutes first and then extend it as you get better.
  2. DECLUTTER: Spring clean your home and mind. Tackle a job a week to make it doable. Start with your wardrobe, then move on to dusting and reorganise shelves and bookcases and then tackle cleaning carpets.
  3. JUST DO IT: Ten things you can do for your mental health right now: get fit, volunteer, learn to relax, surround yourself with positive people, say goodbye to bad habits, set life goals, communicate better, do what makes you happy, live in the moment and ask for help.
  4. APPRECIATE: Notice three things a day that make you grateful. Being grateful increases our positive emotions while diminishing the negative giving us higher overall satisfaction with life.
  5. SNOOZE: Get more sleep to aid better health. More sleep will also have you looking your best and may even help you lose a few pounds. Sleep is the most cost effective health fix around.
  6. SPONTANEOUS: Commit a random act of kindness for a happy summer. Make someone’s day as well as bringing joy to yourself and the world will thank you for it too.
  7. BONDING: Spring clean your relationships by knowing yourself, being yourself, seeing the world through the eyes of others, being honest and communicating and nurturing your relationships.


  1. LET LOOSE: Laugh yourself happy by seeing a funny movie, laughing with a friend or Googling cat videos. Laughter has long term health benefits, reduces stress hormones and releases happy hormones and endorphin’s.
  2. TOUGHEN UP: Five ways to mental toughness. 1. Take responsibility 2. Stop thinking negatively 3. Stop predicting the future 4. Let go of the past 5. Take time to reflect.
  3. STRUCTURE: Set some spring goals for a happy summer. Try getting fit, reconnecting with family and friends or working towards being debt free.
  4. STORY TIME: Reading makes you happy. New research suggests you should grab the latest bestseller, find a comfy chair and enjoy.
  5. FIRE UP THE GREY MATTER: Get into smart brain foods such as wholegrains, oily fish, blueberries, broccoli, tomatoes, ginger, pumpkin seeds and lots of whole spices to feed your brain.




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