Eating Less Doesn’t Equate Actual Fat Loss

Eating Less Doesn’t Equate Actual Fat Loss


If you’ve always believed eating less would help you lose fat you’re wrong, it has nothing to really do with fat loss. It might help you lose weight, yes, but if you believe you’re getting rid of fat you might be in for an unpleasant surprise. Eating less is not the answer to fat loss–in fact, eating more makes the solid sense. Healthy food choices with more protein included can encourage the body to burn fat, not muscle. Remember, you have to follow a suitable fat loss plan if you’re to succeed.

If you’re in denial, there are facts to help you adjust to the truth concerning fat loss. One fact is this. There are far too many people who still believe cutting their diet will help them with fat loss. Less food does not increase fat loss or burning fat at all, instead it pulls the body down and actually slows down your metabolism, just as the wrong sources of food can.

For instance, too many carbs can affect your metabolism in a negative way, causing fat loss to be much slower. Your body can turn on your muscle tissue for energy when you don’t eat right, and this is a primary cause for obesity. If you don’t fuel your body properly you give it no choice but to burn muscle for fuel. What you really need to do is remove simple carbs and sugar from your diet and then you’ll see true progress with your fat loss goals.

Control Simple Carbohydrates And Manage Your Blood Sugar

When you get control of your blood sugar you get control of your fat loss. This can reduce your bad food cravings and promote proper weight loss. Your pancreas can function far better, managing insulin far more effectively and the hormone production which helps to manage blood sugar and use this for energy. When you can reduce your cravings you can gain an upper hand over insulin, the one problematic area that can help you manage your hunger and your energy levels appropriately!

Weight loss that occurs without management of your insulin levels is normally not appropriate weight loss, it’s muscle. If you remember this then you can begin to structure the most reliable way to actually lose fat and get in shape. If you can control your cravings and begin to minimise simple carbohydrates it will be your best chance to maintaining weight loss and making huge gains with your fitness goals.


Remember, follow the right nutritional guidelines, transform your cravings and get in at least 3 days of 30 minutes of exercise each week and you’ll begin to see a wanted transformation for the long-term!


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