11 Foods Not to Refrigerate

Here is a list of foods that you should absolutely not refrigerate. With all the food advice available through internet and the media, it’s difficult to choose what is best for you. However, here is a list of what foods are actively being degraded by refrigeration and should never be cold or frozen.

1. Tomatoes  If tomatoes are kept in sunlight they will ripen too fast. If they are kept in cold temperature, it will cause the cell walls to break down and then they become soft and mushy. So for best results, store them out of direct sunlight and at room temperature.

2. Bananas   Like tomatoes, bananas also like to be stored at room temperature. If you are trying to delay the ripening process, refrigerate them. Beware that this will cause the skin to turn brown. However, the inside should still be edible.

3. Potatoes   Refrigeration will cause the skin of the potato to darken and go bad quicker. It also converts the potato’s starch into sugar, making it more sweet, but not in a good way. Its recommended to store them in a cool dark place.

4. Onions   Onions tend to like fresh air circulation. Thats why they are sold in a mesh bag. But don’t keep them near your potatoes because a chemical reaction will take place. That will create and release gases and moister that will turn your onions bad.

5. Garlic   Again garlic, similar to onions like air circulation too. Research says cold air can cause the garlic to sprout early causing it to go bad. Plus it keeps the odors off your other food.

6. Avocados   If you want your avocado to ripen naturally you should leave it outside the refrigerator. Only if you are trying to postpone its ripeness then keep in the refrigerator. And if you are trying save an already cut avocado, refrigerate the half with the seed. It will keep longer that way.

7. Honey    Honey is one of the earth’s oldest known preservatives. Its been know to be discovered in Egyptian tombs and the honey is still edible. Wow, its shelf life is for forever. If refrigerated, it becomes crystalized and even harder to use.

8. Hot Sauces   Have you ever noticed that hot sauce is always unrefrigerated at restaurants? Thats because it doesn’t have to be. Especially if it is vinegar based which most hot sauces are. By refrigerating, it causes it to loose flavor and change the consistency.

9. Melons   When a melon ends up in your own home, it should be stored out of direct sunlight in the kitchen. This will allow it to ripen and gain sweetness. Only after it is cut should it be refrigerated to prolong its perfect ripeness.

10. Fruit   All fruits should be ripened at room temperature. Only if you are trying to keep them longer should you refrigerate. By leaving them out, they ripen and sweeten at their own pace which will allow the fruit to be at its best.

11. Spices   Spices do not benefit from refrigeration by any means. The humidity and coldness can diminish its flavour.  Most spices can last for years in you

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